In The Beginning – Forms On-A-Disk

In 1992, Forms On-A-Disk began producing computerized forms for the Texas environmental industry. As our reputation spread, our product line expanded to meet the needs of a variety of industries, from oil and gas to workers’ compensation. Started by Susan Parma and Christopher (“C.K.”) Lester, Forms On-A-Disk grew with friendly customer service and a devotion to helping customers become more efficient and productive.

The original Forms On-A-Disk website was started in May, 1998, to serve as an on-line brochure. It grew into an Internet resource for our customers to receive technical support, browse or download catalogs and order forms, place orders for forms, and find links to other relevant internet resources.

For twenty-five years, Forms On-A-Disk provided products and services second-to-none. But the name and the site grew dated, and our software is now distributed via the Internet! So, we closed down Forms On-A-Disk and opened High Tech Forms in its place!

Today And Tomorrow – High Tech Forms

High Tech Forms is as innovative today as Forms On-A-Disk was back in 1992, and we are enhancing and expanding our form-management products and services. Your forms management and usage will become even easier and more efficient!