Frequently Answered Questions

How do I place an order for a hightechforms?
Visit our Products page where you can load up a shopping cart and submit your order online. We accept Mastercard and Visa payments via the Internet or over the telephone. You will then receive an email with instructions on downloading your forms.
I purchased a HighTechForms form, but nobody else can open/correct my form.
Forms are licensed per PC. This means if you have three users at your location, you will need to purchase three licenses. Call us and we can get all your users licensed immediately.
My hard drive crashed and we need to reinstall the software onto the new PC. My disk says there are no more installs available. What do I do?
Installing with disks is the old and busted method. Since you’re connected to the internet, you can use the new hotness method. (This means that we no longer use floppy disks. All forms are distributed via the Internet.)
How do I determine what version of Microsoft Word I’m using?
To find your version of Micrsoft Word, simply run Word and click “Help>About Microsoft Word.” The version number will be displayed at the top of the dialog box- something like “Microsoft(r) Word 97 SR-2.”
Where do I install my HighTechForms form templates?
The location is automatically determined by the Forms Manager, so you do not need to specify the location.
My hard drive crashed and I need to reinstall my HighTechForms forms. However, I cannot find my disks! How can I get my forms back if I can’t find my original disks?
Please call our sales department. We will be happy to assist you in getting your forms restored to your PC.
I was working on a form the other day and didn’t finish it. When I pulled it up later, I was unable to make any changes to it. What in the world is going on?
It sounds like your macro security settings are set to “high.” This disables HighTechForms’s initialization programming and prevents you from modifying the form. Adjust your settings by following the directions at this link.
There is no “HighTechForms” menu on my menu bar!

There is a bug in certain versions of Adobe Acrobat that prevents custom menus from displaying properly (or at all!). You can work around this when your form is open by right-clicking on the menu bar and selecting “Customize.” Then click the “Close” button. You should now see the HighTechForms menu.

You should also update your version of Adobe Acrobat -OR- if you do not create PDF files using Word, you can delete the file in your “Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office/Startup” folder.

I’m working in Microsoft Word and the top of the lines of text is cut off. How do I fix that?
Unfortunately, that’s a bug in Microsoft Word (Microsoft’s Troubleshooter) that cannot be worked around. (Every other word processing software I’ve ever seen can display tightly-spaced lines just fine. You’d think a monopoly with billions of dollars in its pockets could fix this, but it’s been this way since Microsoft Word version 6.0!)
How do I insert an X in a checkbox?

If your form has “form fields,” that is, you can TAB or Shift+TAB from answer blank to answer blank, you will use the SPACEBAR to check and uncheck the boxes.

If your document does not have form fields, the boxes can be checked and unchecked by pressing Alt+J -OR- by selecting “HighTechForms>Check-A-Box” on the menubar.

I installed my form, but I can not find it now. It says my authorization code is invalid when I try to reinstall.

Most likely, the install was successful.

Please read the Users Guide. It provides a lot of detail on how to use your new forms.

When I want to go back and make a correction within a cell, I have to cursor through all the previously typed text, or tab back through every single cell to get there. It won’t let me use the up or down arrows to move around. Do you have any secrets to moving around in these documents?
You are using a form that has embedded “form fields.” This is a feature of Word we sometimes use in our forms. These restrict your movement as you’ve described. In this case, to move quickly up and down a page or document, use your mouse.
I need to save a form but I get an error message that states, “Compile error in hidden module.” What does this mean and how do I save this form to my computer?
The “Compile error” message usually indicates a resource on your computer is unavailable to the program. It could also mean there’s a bug in the code! If it is a bug, it’s probably already been fixed. Give us a call and we can send you an updated version of the template right away via the internet. There might be an upgrade charge depending on how old your software is.
How do I change page numbers on contracts (JOA, COPAS, Producer’s 88) if the information I’ve added to the “Other Provisions” section is more than one page?
Please see “Adjusting Page Numbers” in the User’s Guide for AAPL and COPAS.
How do I disable the revision markings on my AAPL/Pound/COPAS/IADC documents?
The copyright holders of these documents require all changes made to a contract to be clear and obvious. When you delete text, it is struckthrough. When you add text, it is made bold. Changes are marked by a line in the margin. All of these help parties to the contract understand and easily determine where changes were made to the original document. These cannot be removed nor turned off.
How do I add additional signature lines to my contract (JOA, COPAS, Pound Lease)?
For Pound Printing leases, use the HighTechForms menu items to add signature lines. For all other contracts, use copy and paste.
I have other documents I wish to incorporate at the end of my contract (AAPL, COPAS, Pound, IADC) as additional exhibits. How do I do that?

Place your cursor on the page after which you want the new section. On the menubar, click “Insert>Break.” In the “Section Break Types” section of the “Break” dialog box, check “Next Page,” then click “OK.”

To insert a file, click “Insert>File.” You might need to adjust your page numbering for the newly inserted section.

We have installed the templates. I tried to print a document and get an error saying that my PC is not licensed for printing this form.
Contact our tech support desk. The reason you are experiencing this problem could be one of many things which can’t be covered in this FAQ forum. We will be able to better diagnose the problem over the telephone or via email.
Can I add additional signature blocks on the JOA?
Yes. You can just copy/paste the original signature blocks.
Why aren’t my line numbers printing on a JOA that I have made revisions to? They show on the screen, but do not print when I print the doc. HELP!
With Word open, click “Tools>Options,” then click the “Print” tab. In the “Include with Document” section, check the “Drawing objects” item.
I have a boilerplate and when I try to make a revision to a line, it strikes through the word but does not delete it. How do I do this?
Some contracts are copyright protected, and the copyright holder desires that all changes to the contract be clear and obvious. In these cases, deleted words will show as strikethrough and added words are shown in bold. Some contracts also show revision marks in the margins.
I tried to create an EDI file and got an error message: “The file RRC_ID.EDF does not exist in either of the following folders…” What do I do now?
The RRC_ID.EDF file tells the software how to format the EDI file, so it is an important file! It either did not get installed or has become corrupted. You can contact us via email at, and we can provide that to you immediately.
What version of Adobe Writer is compatible with HighTechForms?
Many of our forms are ‘protected’ for either revisions (IADC, AAPL, etc.) or form fields. These types of protected documents cannot be output with Adobe Writer. We are able to convert unprotected documents with Adobe 5.0. While we are sure this will work with later versions of Adobe, we have not specifically tested, nor do we support, this functionality.